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Alberta Basketball Association Membership Fee


The Alberta Basketball Association (ABA) is the governing body for the sport of basketball in Alberta.       

ABA is committed to providing a safe environment and fair competition for all of its members. This policy provides guidelines and regulations for groups running events, programs  and tournaments helping to ensure a safe and fair environment.


This policy applies to all basketball related activities, events and tournaments participated in, organized by and run by ABA and its members.  

Purpose of Governance

  • Ensures a commitment by the event organizer that the event will be conducted in accordance with ABA guidelines

  • Ensures that the event will be conducted in a fair and safe manner

  • Encourages the recognition of results

  • Ensures that the event meets a standard of quality required for sanctioning by ABA

  • Provides insurance for participants’ safety for those activities sanctioned by ABA

Open Basketball Academy as an organization that is registered with ABA and in good standing. We also ask that all our players/athletes, coaches and administrators within our organization have an active ABA membership and adhere to ABA policies and best practices. Membership fees are $17/player, coach or administrator and the membership lasts for a total of one season. If you have more then one athlete participating in any of our training, classes and camps you will have to make sure to pay and register for each individual athlete.  You will have to do a yearly renewal to ensure you stay a member in good standing. 

Please note by clicking on the button below it will take you to a new window that will allow you to register with ABA.

1) If you have an account and paid for your ABA membership fee already all you need to do is register with the Open Basketball Academy club and no extra fee will be charged. 

2)If you have never registered with ABA you will first need to create an account and then follow the steps for registration and payment.

Open Basketball Academy does not run this site or in any way receive payments from membership fees. All payments made for ABA membership goes directly to Alberta Basketball. If you have issues with the ABA membership page or have further questions please email

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